Re-learning knitting
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Re-learning knitting

I haven’t knit (knitted?) in a long time, and after the FiberSpace’s open house last week I decided to relearn! I bought some nice green yarn from Michael’s, got started and it came back really quickly. Soon I’m going to try to purl again, but for right now the regular stitches are working fine.


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I’m really excited for this week’s Maker Corps activity - we’ll be working with eTextiles. I’m trying to out a project, and I’m thinking of incorporating some LED’s into my knitting. I’m thinking about creating a project sewing Lilypad into it somehow, making a blanket with LED’s that light up when it gets dark, or something like that. I definitely need to brainstorm! I’m also going to be looking for fabric stores around that I could stop at in the next few weeks before I graduate. I’d love to sew a bit and try to do some Lilypad stuff with cool fabrics. If anyone knows cool fabric stores around Norton, definitely let me know!

I still have to do my project with the Makey Makey, so posts about that will be coming soon too!

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