<p>Day 4: Revisiting CS Topics</p>
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Day 4: Revisiting CS Topics

I think in general it’s just really good for me to get back in the zone and get my brain working and thinking like a software engineer, regardless of if/when I get into the field. I’ve been googling a lot of resources to try to get back in the swing of Big O and other Computer Science topics that I haven’t looked at in a long time.

Codecademy has a cool resource for Big O.

At work I use primarily Bash, but sometimes Python. Tonight I just wrote some sample code reminding myself of classes and data structures in Python. I also wanted to try to emulate the work I do in Bash in Python - reading files, manipulating data, etc, etc.

I googled around for some data resources online, and found the data.org website. This site has some cool data sets in different formats, so I downloaded the “Characteristics of New Housing” data set with the numbers of rooms in new homes and some other metrics.

With that data set I messed around with some Python stuff, trying out using tuples, unpacking argument lists, and testing out inheritance. I want to come up with one project from scratch to test my knowledge and force me to organize my thoughts and think of the best algorithm or data structure for the problem I want to solve.

I also googled around for some technical interview questions online, to get some practice answering questions and solving complex problems that I would have to do on the spot in an interview. Although the website is pretty old, I found some cool resources and questions for Python questions here.

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