<p>Day 3: Little Robot Friend</p>
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Day 3: Little Robot Friend

Today I attempted to put together my Little Robot Friend that I backed on Kickstarter a few months ago. I chose to get Spikey, the Robot Friend with spiky hair.

Taylor came over and we decided to start soldering it together. There are a ton of parts to the small guy, including resistors, LEDs, and a speaker for a mouth, so it takes a good amount of time to put together.

As we started soldering, we had a rough time getting the solder to stay on the boards in the right spots. We were using the soldering iron and solder that came with my Beginning Soldering kit from Radio Shack that I got last summer. We think that if we use thinner solder strands we may have better luck.

We got through soldering the hair and eyes on, and most of the 10 pin piece of the bottom foot board. I need to get some more solder, and also need to pick up some AAA batteries and glue to be able to finish the product, but I’m hoping when I do that I can finish it soon!

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