<p>Day 26: Baking Bread!</p>
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Day 26: Baking Bread!

So, this past weekend - I baked bread! It didn’t turn out the best, burnt a little bit in the oven.. but I did it! I’ve been wanting to bake bread for a while. My mom gave me a the Sono Baking Company cookbook a while ago, and I read all the way through it last week and found so many recipes that I want to bake… I feel like in a second life I would have been a baker. I love baking - I love the small parts that come together. I love the order and organization. And I love eating what you make at the end!

For this bread I used the rustic Italian recipe from Sono Baking Company. It required letting the dough rise 3 separate times, and creating long 16x6 rectangles to bake in the oven.

The shapes of my bread were kind of weird and one loaf was uneven, but I’m really proud of the fact that I have actually made bread and that it turned out okay! I think next time I’ll try a loaf that sits in a loaf pan or something like that. There’s also a recipe for chive cheddar biscuits that I’m so excited to make…

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