<p>Day 24: Mini Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving</p>
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Day 24: Mini Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving

Wanted to get a quick post out there since it’s been a while. Over Thanksgiving I helped out with baking some of the pies for our meal, and decided instead of doing a full pecan pie that we should try to do minis! We used a recipe from the Food Network for the filling, and used a premade crust. I used a large goblet wine glass that my parents have to cut circles in the pie crust, then placed them in the bottom of a muffin tin to shape them into little pies.

We used cane sugar syrup instead of corn syrup, and had to bake them 6 at a time since we only had one muffin pan. After baking for 20 minutes each they turned out so cute!

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