<p>Day 21: Starting a Web App in Django</p>
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Day 21: Starting a Web App in Django

I’m currently working on making a web app using Django, which is a Python web framework for rapid development.

I’ve never built a working web app before - I’ve dabbled in different things (Heroku, Handlebars, other random things) but it never was that appealing to me. I love Python as a programming language, and I’m liking using it for developing this app as well.

So much of this project so far has just been getting things set up and working on my laptop. I originally started setting it up with Heroku, but had some issues, so I’m going to try to add that part in later on. For now, it’ll just run locally on my machine.

Here are some helpful links that my friend Jake sent me:

Django Tutorial

Heroku + Django

So right now I’m just working through getting a simple app up and running. Following the Django Tutorial is really easy and it’s clear to follow, and I’ve already gotten something up on the web.

I’m looking forward to playing around with this more and getting the functionality working. I’m also going to be designing it a bit using templates, which is very different than what I’m used to. Once I get more comfortable working with it I’ll probably write some more posts about it.

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