<p>Day 2: Banana Bread!</p>
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Day 2: Banana Bread!

Today I made my first ever loaf of banana bread from scratch. I bought bananas on Monday, and then realized after they started getting old that I have everything else to make it.

My mom told me that she had used a recipe from the Food Network, so I decided to try it out.

After mixing all of the ingredients, I put it in the loaf pan and then baked for about an hour. This was the first time that I used my oven in my new apartment. It’s electric (ugh) but seemed to do the job.

After I tested with a plastic fork and it came out clean it was done! I think there was a bit too much batter for my specific pan, but oh well.

I really love baking - it’s so fun to put all of the small parts together to create something to eat and I feel very comfortable doing it. At work next week there’s going to be an “Apple Off” where people will make food with apples. I’m thinking I might bake something!

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