<p>Day 19: Love to Program</p>
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Day 19: Love to Program

I’ve been feeling an unfamiliar sensation lately. I felt it when I was in college, but since I’ve left the academic setting I haven’t felt it in a while. I feel excited about programming! I think that although I haven’t been blogging every night, I’ve really been enjoying working on my programming skills outside (and sometimes inside) of work.

I love writing code - I love the feeling of solving hard problems, and the satisfaction that comes with your code successfully running. It’s like a rush to the head when the block of code you’ve been struggling on finally runs the way you were meaning it to run. It’s empowering.

It’s an ongoing process - brainstorming, writing, debugging, optimizing. These past 3 weeks I’ve been working through different problems, and for some I’ve gone through to optimize them more. I haven’t been happier than when I finally getting the correct output from my program.

I love the process of reading a problem, breaking it down, drawing it out and organizing my thoughts. I feel like I have full control of it; I feel calm breaking down the steps and determining a good approach to solving the problem.

I’m feeling confident and ready to move into the next step of my career. I’m determined to become an software engineer. I’ve thought that it’s what I wanted to do for a while, but the past three weeks have shown me that it’s definitely what I want to do, and I’m going make to happen. I’m going to do what I love.

If you’re reading this and thinking about learning to program, do it. Do it because you’re intrigued. Do it because you love logic. Do it because you love solving problems and breaking things into small pieces. Do it because you want answers. Do it because you feel like you could love it. That’s the most important thing. Do what you love - for me, it’s sitting with a cup of tea and a candle lit, and drawing out the way to answer a problem. That is the thing that makes me the happiest, and until now I don’t think I felt it as strongly.

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