<p>Day 12: BosGGD</p>
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Day 12: BosGGD

Tonight was one of my favorite nights of the month - Boston Girl Geek Dinner! Every month there’s a night at a different tech company in Boston for female geeks to get together. I’ve been going every month since I moved to Boston a year ago (except for the past two months unfortunately).

Each night they have different speakers who talk on a range of topics. Some nights it’s lightning talks, other nights it’s longer talks on anything ranging from what the speaker does at work to some random unique hobby they have.

Tonight’s event was at O’Reilly Media in Cambridge. I went to the last GGD at O’Reilly and had a blast. The talks tonight were really interesting. I was very intrigued by the talk by Carly Nix about the distribution of books written about women. She eventually ended up categorizing randomized Wikipedia pages to determine if they were about men or women and saw that only a small proportion of the pages that she sampled had content about women.

These nights are great - interesting people and lectures, great food, awesome locations and great swag! If you’re a female geek in Boston I highly recommend attending. The tickets sell out quickly so make sure you get them quick!

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