<p>Day 28: The Stable Marriage Problem</p>

Day 28: The Stable Marriage Problem

<p>Day 27: Python Excel Work</p>

Day 27: Python Excel Work

At work I’ve been doing a lot with Python when I can.

<p>Day 26: Baking Bread!</p>

Day 26: Baking Bread!

So, this past weekend - I baked bread! It didn’t turn out the best, burnt a little bit in the oven.. but I did it! I’ve been wanting to bake bread for a while. My mom gave me a the Sono Baking Company cookbook a while ago, and I read all the way through it last week and found so many recipes that I want to bake… I feel like in a second life I would have been a baker. I love baking - I love the small parts that come together. I love the order and organization. And I love eating what you make at the end!

<p>Day 25: New Years Resolutions</p>

Day 25: New Years Resolutions

So many months after I started this project I feel the need to finish it - it’s been very busy these past few months with work, events, the holidays… With the new year I feel inspired to build some cool stuff and learn some new skills.

<p>Day 24: Mini Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving</p>

Day 24: Mini Pecan Pies for Thanksgiving

Wanted to get a quick post out there since it’s been a while. Over Thanksgiving I helped out with baking some of the pies for our meal, and decided instead of doing a full pecan pie that we should try to do minis! We used a recipe from the Food Network for the filling, and used a premade crust. I used a large goblet wine glass that my parents have to cut circles in the pie crust, then placed them in the bottom of a muffin tin to shape them into little pies.

<p>Day 23: Amadeus Hack@1050</p>

Day 23: Amadeus Hack@1050

One of the more interesting events I went to was last weekend (the weekend of the 8th) - I went with a bunch of friends to Amadeus Hack@1050, a hackathon in Waltham hosted by Amadeus.

<p>Day 22: Working through Django</p>

Day 22: Working through Django

It’s been confusing working through Django and sifting through the tutorials, but I think that I’m starting to get the hang of it!

<p>Day 21: Starting a Web App in Django</p>

Day 21: Starting a Web App in Django

I’m currently working on making a web app using Django, which is a Python web framework for rapid development.

<p>Day 20: Mini Apple Pies</p>

Day 20: Mini Apple Pies

<p>Day 19: Love to Program</p>

Day 19: Love to Program

I’ve been feeling an unfamiliar sensation lately. I felt it when I was in college, but since I’ve left the academic setting I haven’t felt it in a while. I feel excited about programming! I think that although I haven’t been blogging every night, I’ve really been enjoying working on my programming skills outside (and sometimes inside) of work.

<p>Day 18: Playing With Processing</p>

Day 18: Playing With Processing

Tonight I played around a bit with Processing, which is a programming language used mostly for electronic arts and design.

<p>Day 17: Apple Oatmeal Muffins</p>

Day 17: Apple Oatmeal Muffins

I still have so many apples! Today I baked a dozen apple oatmeal muffins. I found the recipe online, but switched a few things up based on what I had in my kitchen.

<p>Day 16: Apple Pie Crumble Bars</p>

Day 16: Apple Pie Crumble Bars

Tonight I wanted to make something with the apples that I picked yesterday. I wanted to save making apple pie for another night, so I found a recipe for Apple Pie Crumble Bars online. You can find the original recipe here.

<p>Day 15: Apple Picking</p>

Day 15: Apple Picking

<p>Day 14: MIT Mini Maker Faire</p>

Day 14: MIT Mini Maker Faire

I don’t have posts for the past two days - I’ve been really busy and don’t have anything to really write about for those days. I think to fix this I’ll write two extra blog posts at the end of my 30 days, so in total there will still be 30 posts, just over a little more than 30 days.

<p>Day 13: Python at Work</p>

Day 13: Python at Work

Yesterday and today at work have been exciting because I’ve been working on a project that is really interesting! We needed to find all combinations of a list of 62 terms and do some formatting to be able to create output files that we could use in our scripts later on.

<p>Day 12: BosGGD</p>

Day 12: BosGGD

Tonight was one of my favorite nights of the month - Boston Girl Geek Dinner! Every month there’s a night at a different tech company in Boston for female geeks to get together. I’ve been going every month since I moved to Boston a year ago (except for the past two months unfortunately).

<p>Day 11: Keyboard</p>

Day 11: Keyboard

I don’t have too much to talk about tonight, other than that I played on my keyboard. I have a Yamaha YPT 230 which I love and now that I live in an apartment with better storage I can actually keep it with me! My friend Rachel and I jammed before she left, and tonight I wanted to play.

<p>Day 10: Infinity Scarf</p>

Day 10: Infinity Scarf

Today I found a project that I had started last winter/spring, but never finished. I was working on a black circle scarf that I finished today.

<p>Day 9: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies</p>

Day 9: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love this recipe - I made it for the first time last fall after I found it randomly online. It’s so easy - there are only 3 ingredients:

<p>Day 8: Red Sox Game!</p>

Day 8: Red Sox Game!

Tonight some of my friends and I went to Fenway after work, and got to see the Yankees play the Sox. I’ve been to Fenway once before when I was in high school, but I’ve been living in Boston for a year and I have wanted to go to one as a local.

<p>Day 7: Photos on Flickr</p>

Day 7: Photos on Flickr

I set up a flickr account yesterday, and added photos from my trip to Europe this summer! I also added other albums with examples of photos I’ve taken. I want to take some more photos because I love photography, so maybe one of these days I’ll add a new album.

<p>Day 6: Knit Hat</p>

Day 6: Knit Hat

Today was exhausting, so I’m just going to write about the hat that I made a few weeks ago since I don’t have the time or energy to work on anything tonight but I want to keep up my blog posts about projects!

<p>Day 5: More Python </p>

Day 5: More Python

Tonight I’ve been teaching myself more about Python and the many things it can do. The first thing I worked on was just writing a quick linked list program to reacquainted with the language and the data structure. I got it working with just a few glances at stack overflow, mostly because I haven’t looked at it in a long time.

<p>Day 4: Revisiting CS Topics</p>

Day 4: Revisiting CS Topics

I think in general it’s just really good for me to get back in the zone and get my brain working and thinking like a software engineer, regardless of if/when I get into the field. I’ve been googling a lot of resources to try to get back in the swing of Big O and other Computer Science topics that I haven’t looked at in a long time.

<p>Day 3: Little Robot Friend</p>

Day 3: Little Robot Friend

Today I attempted to put together my Little Robot Friend that I backed on Kickstarter a few months ago. I chose to get Spikey, the Robot Friend with spiky hair.

<p>Day 2: Banana Bread!</p>

Day 2: Banana Bread!

Today I made my first ever loaf of banana bread from scratch. I bought bananas on Monday, and then realized after they started getting old that I have everything else to make it.

<p>Day 1: Leap and Mutt</p>

Day 1: Leap and Mutt

Maybe having day one on a Friday wasn’t the best idea since I have had only a few hours to work on something, BUT I feel really good and excited to even just work on the small things I’ve done tonight.

Do Something Every Day

Do Something Every Day

I returned from a 10 day trip to Europe two weeks ago, and the vacation really made me see things in a fresh perspective. Readjusting to being back at work was rough, especially when I felt like the determination that I came back to the US with was gone.

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