Maker Party

August 1, 2013 at the Bronx Library Center, Bronx, 11am-5pm

What was the event?

Maker Party was a huge Hive Learning Network event where many of the Hive members had tables, including us. We set up our bridge/structure/web creating station (We called it our MakerStation) in the back room.

Our activity was very similar to the Reverse Field Trips. Kids could come and build buildings with LED's on them, or build bridges. Plus we had the web station as well. We built a new map for this event, with 3 boroughs - The Bronx, Manhattan and Queens - for them to add buildings to, with the focus mainly on the Bronx. The big difference was the bridge system on our circuit map. The bridges would connect the circuit themselves and would like up an LED on the map. It was really cool!

My Role in the Event

I helped working the event in the same way that I did for the Reverse Field Trips. I helped kids with testing circuits, making up ideas, taping, cutting, making websites. I basically floated around wherever I was needed. I also took a bunch of photos on the new tablets that Hive received.

My Perspective on the Event

I thought this event was amazing. I think we all worked really well as a team that day, and we had our projects down to a science from all of the experience we had with the Reverse Field Trips. I think that this event was also successful because the kids could wander between stations when they got bored, or they could come back after leaving. It was a very free paced, "food court" style event, which worked really well with our activities because the kids that were excited could stay, and others that didn't like what they were doing they were welcome to leave and explore everything else that was at the event.

What I Would Change About the Event

I really don't think that there is much that I would change about the event. I think that the bridges that the kids were amazing and I loved seeing them light up the map. If anything, I would say we could have made more bridges for the kids to make since we had to reuse them, but that's just a small detail.